Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tekanan terhadap Pelajar Islam di Universiti-universiti di Mesir

Interference continues with MB students eliminated from Student Body electoral rolls of Cairo Mansoura Universities.

Rigging of the student body elections continue with more than 40 Muslim Brotherhood students at Cairo University noticing that their names were not included in the final lists for the student’s union elections in various faculties. Elections are scheduled to be held next Monday as the college’s final candidates' list was confined to 40 students. However only the students appointed by the security and university administration were on the list revealing the insistence of non-transparent elections.

Approximately 100 MB students at the faculties of medicine, engineering pharmacy, commerce, education and dentistry were removed from the electoral roll.

When the students asked the Director of Youth Welfare about the elimination of their names she replied "the electoral list is just a routine and Members of the Student’ Union has been appointed earlier."

The students stressed they will not give up their legitimate rights and will take all legal action necessary against the university's administration claiming that interference and rigging of elections are a violation of freedom of expression and free will.


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